PLITVICE SHOP – ENGLISH / Can`t come to Croatia this summer? No problem!

6 tra

The Plitvice Times media, part of Prilika Group, has launched a new Webshop for all Croatia lovers!

Representing almost 300 products, the new online shop will be a practical solution that connects tourists with the ability to browse and purchase interesting products.

So within several categories you can find unique handicrafts from the Gacka Valley, delicious cheeses from Velebit, modern winter and summer clothing, attractive posters of various sizes with beautiful motifs from all over Croatia, painted cups and lots of other products.

Product categories are: Clothing, Souvenirs, Tourist posters, Magazines, Food and drink and Perfume and cosmetics. The webshop will be updated with new products on a weekly basis, and winter items are already on a discount. Also, new products from Istria, Dalmatia and Slavonia will be uploaded soon

” Travelling is limited and shopping is becoming more complex, especially if you are a tourist. On the other side, webshops have a large increase in traffic in the last year precisely because of its simplicity, and for this reason we decided to fill our webshop with as many products as possible. The first orders are here as we are targeting the international market.”- says Ante Fumić, owner of Prilika Group.

All products promote Croatia, and are intended primarily for tourists who may not be able to come to Croatia this year due to Covid-19. In this way, part of Croatia will come to their home.

The webshop was launched by the young creative team of Prilika Group, a marketing agency behind many successful creative projects. The webshop is part of The Plitvice Times magazine.