Writing promo texts and media lease for the Legends of Plitvice Valleys event

media, copywriting

CLIENT: Tourist Board of the Municipality of Rakovica – Plitvice Valley

YEAR: 2018

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Within the Joint Advertising of the Croatian National Tourist Board, the client wanted to promote the destination and event in the national media, including various market segments and areas. The Agency leased the media, prepared and wrote the text, published and coordinated the appointments. The campaign was carried out successfully, and the event gained significant space and positions in the leased media. The materials show several promo articles performed by the Agency and their appearance in Good Morning Croatia as a sponsored program.





Text: Rakovica Tourist Board and PRiLIKA LIKE agency j.d.o.o. are long-term partners in the communication development of the destination – Plitvice Valley, and their role in this is invaluable. Daily consulting and implementing various marketing and communication activities, timeliness and accuracy have proven to be key factors in development. With the PRiLIKA agency, we have also conducted Joint Advertising through the Croatian National Tourist Board for three years. In this way, we can conclude that the media lease and the implementation of advertising are carried out properly. We recommend the PRILIKA agency as a reliable and serious partner in the digital communication business.

Director of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Rakovica Mira Špoljarić