Websites to which we put on a new outfit – with partners

web design, copywriting, graphic design, photo processing, photography, video recording

Prilika Group throughout its six-year history has done numerous website redesigns, as well as the development of completely new ones, which included design and copywriting on a turnkey basis. Partner companies carry out the development and programming of the structured concept in cooperation with us. Below are a few examples of websites.

PROJECT: The development of a website for rural tourism in Zagorje was carried out during the summer of 2017. Rural tourism Stara Vodenica has gotten a completely new website through which it is possible to view the complete content of the property and to book accommodation. Photographing of the offer and the property for the client was carried out.

PROJECT: The development of the new Sirana Runolist website was carried out in the summer of 2020, after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The website also contains a webshop that is open every day and is connected to social networks and customers.

PROJECT: Development of the Gacka Voda website. Following the marketing activities of GIS Sinac d.o.o., we conducted complete copywriting, domain lease and hosting, product photography and monitoring of the social media segment, as well as running a Facebook page and promoting the website.

If you also want to refresh your website or create completely new ones, contact us at with an inquiry or request an offer.