The Piramida Znanja school organizes education for Internet marketing and branding

9 Oct

The Piramida Znanja School organizes a new education that is 100% financed by the Croatian Employment Service. CES provides vouchers that cover complete training and micro-qualification.

The Piramida Znanja School organizes an education program in the field of “Internet Marketing and Branding” in cooperation with Prilika Group, a marketing agency that has been successfully operating on the national and international market since 2015. CES covers the entire amount of education of HRK 4,105.00 for each participant. To participate, you need to register and fill out the form.

Lecturers from Prilika Group will cover all essential elements of online marketing and branding in 225 hours of lectures and practical classes. The program will mostly be held remotely in real-time, and the only requirement for enrollment is a complete qualification at level 4.2. (completed four-year high school).

Competences that the participants of the program acquire are:

1. distinguish the specifics of digital marketing channels
2. determine the correct social network depending on the product and/or service
3. prepare key information in the form of a news summary to be published and/or shared
4. create an ad in line with different digital marketing channels
5. monitor advertising performance
6. create an insight into the position of competing products/services and compare them to our own products/services
7. communicate in writing and orally following business standards in written and oral communication
8. conduct negotiations following business etiquette and rules of business communication
9. independently use modern IT tools for processing tables, text and presentations

The program has been verified by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia and will be registered in the E-workbook.

The first group begins with lectures on October 24, 2022. Applications for the second and third groups are ongoing. You can register or request additional information by emailing, as well as on the Facebook page of Učilište Piramida znanja.