The new Lika App mobile application presented to the public for the first time in Zagreb

26 Nov

The first in a series of lectures on media literacy and the promotion of the Lika App was held, the purpose of which is to educate citizens about the importance and role of media literacy and to inform about challenges in the media and the state of the media in Lika.

During the lecture, a lot of information was presented on topics that included the importance of media literacy, the characteristics of the Lika App and the development of the project itself. The lecturers particularly focused on explaining why media literacy is important in today’s society, emphasizing how it enables citizens to think critically about the media, understand different sources of information and recognize manipulation and fake news. They also touched on the problems faced by the media in Lika, including the lack of local sources of information, insufficient transparency and accessibility of media content, and the negative consequences of this on the local community.
In addition, they also presented the Lika App, a mobile application that was developed with the aim of improving the information of citizens in Lika. The development path of the platform is explained in detail, highlighting the key features and benefits it provides to Lika residents. They explained how the app was produced and what its main features are, as well as how users can use the app to access local news, events and information. The presentation was rich in details and its purpose was to provide citizens with all the information necessary to understand the project and its importance for the local community. After the lecture, there was an open time for questions and answers. Citizens had the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturers, who tried to provide comprehensive answers and help citizens get all the necessary information about the lecture and the Lika App. This format enabled interaction between lecturers and audience encouraging active participation and exchange of opinions.

“Encouraged by audience research, we noticed a strong interest of citizens in more detailed information about the way the media works, in general, and in Lika. We have created an opportunity to contribute to the local community and we are glad that the first lecture went well, which is confirmed by the numerous positive feedbacks from the participants. We would like to thank everyone who responded and attended the first event and we hope for an even greater response at future locations. The digital campaign for the Lika App is about to start next week. We invite the audience to install the app on their mobile devices and follow the latest Lika news.” – said Tamara Hodak from the Lika Club team.

This series of lectures on media literacy and Lika App promotion continues in the following cities and municipalities:

November 27 – Rakovica, Municipality of Rakovica at 18:00 (Rakovica 7)

November 28 – Otočac, HGK Otočac County Chamber at 3:00 p.m. (Ulica kralja Zvonimira 16)

November 28 – Kuterevo, Butina Farmhouse at 19:00 (Kuterevo 21a)

November 29 – Gospić, Development Center of Lika-Senj County at 18:00 (Pazariška Ulica 36)

All interested citizens are invited to join these events and learn more about media literacy and Lika App. Participation is free. These events are extremely important for Lika and its residents, as they allow citizens to gain knowledge about media literacy, improve their information skills and be better informed about events in their local community.