The new digital platform is captivating the audience! Find out what it’s all about

2 Aug

The reader who lives and works outside their place of birth can follow everything happening in their hometown or where their relatives and friends live through this project. The initial audience reactions are fantastic. Find out for yourself what it’s all about.

After almost three years of being brewed in the mind of the creator and then going through a year of testing and experimentation, the project has finally seen the light of day. And it immediately started captivating the audience.

Following world standards, the digital platform utilizes a system to gather news from all local portals in one place, allowing individual users or readers to personalize local content based on their preferences, expressed during the initial registration. is designed in line with the latest digital trends, adopting the currently popular “mobile-first” technological approach. This modern combination enables readers to easily and conveniently browse local content through their smartphones, anytime and anywhere.

The idea is that readers, even if they live and work outside their place of birth, can follow everything happening in their hometown or where their relatives, godparents, or in-laws live, or even in the county where their brother moved to, through

The content possibilities are numerous, and offers them in unlimited quantities. It’s up to the reader to explore and choose what and who they want to read. They have access to over 100 local portals in more than 50 Croatian cities.

“With the project, we aim to promote local media, which are often and unjustly overlooked. Their content holds quality, has journalistic weight, and is frequently picked up by national media outlets. We want to give local media greater visibility on the national level, as well as well-deserved recognition for their quality work under challenging conditions they operate in,” added Mario Kojundžić, the project’s creator.

In addition to the option to select cities and/or counties from which you want to follow local news, we have also made sure to provide you with various types of content that you can manually choose. You can personalize the specific type of content you wish to follow – whether it’s politics, sports, culture, economy, weather, or all of them together. The choice is yours.

Become an expert in local news and join us at!

You can read news from the region of Lika brought to you by Lokalac on our portal Likaclub. Just select the category “Lika-Senj County,” and you will be shown only the news from Lika Club. Enjoy!