Redesign of the Lika Club portal and the “Yellow is Red” campaign

web design, graphic design, event organization, photography, copywriting

MEDIA: Lika Club

YEAR: 2020

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Our media underwent a complete redesign and reorganization in the period of six months. To mark the end of the process properly, we organized an event in Zagreb. Before that, as an announcement of the new media, we conducted the “Yellow is Red” campaign. We have singled out the statements of public people given to Lika Club from 2014-2020, prepared more than 40 red visuals, published them on Lika Club banners and all social networks. The results were excellent and the campaign went very well on all social networks of the Lika Club portal, and the portal itself. The redesign was covered by national and regional media, reporting on the event we organized in Mimara in Zagreb.