Promotion of the first media application from Lika, Lika App, held at HGK County Chamber Otočac

4 Dec

Lika Club organized the third lecture on media literacy and promotion of its new application, Lika App, in Otočac.

At this event, participants were introduced to the importance of media literacy and the role it plays in today’s digital age. The focus was on presenting the functionality of the Lika App and considering the advantages of using this application and the innovations it brings to the local media market.

The lecture emphasized the role and purpose of media literacy, with a special emphasis on educating the audience about critical thinking when consuming information. The importance of understanding how the media shape the perception of reality and how to distinguish reliable sources from less credible ones was explained to the participants.

After the lecture, during the conversation with the attendees, the question was asked why the application is an advantage over the previous news monitoring via Facebook and the web, to which the answer was:

“When you open Lika Club on your computer and the application, the answer will come to you by itself, because the difference in the quality of the user experience is very noticeable. Everything that can be seen on a mobile phone through a web browser has been rearranged from the desktop version. The web is compiled for the desktop version of the portal. Text, photos, banners, everything has its place and everything is visible on the web. But when you open the same news through a mobile browser, it doesn’t look the same, but rearranged. The application is fully adapted to users and the experience is much better, and the functionalities that are already on the Lika App or are yet to come will make the whole story even more attractive.”

We also touched on the conversation about increasing the share of content from the Lika-Senj County. It was pointed out that this happened due to the change of editorial policy in the last month, and such policy will continue to be implemented.

The last lecture will be held today at 18:00 at the Development Center of the Lika-Senj County in Gospić (Pazariška ulica 36).