Promotion of hiking trails in Barać’s caves

public relations, photography

CLIENT: Public institution for management of protected natural values ​​in the municipality of Rakovica – Barać caves

YEAR: 2020.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Agency was given the task to prepare materials and inform the national media about the opening of pedestrian paths in Barać caves in Nova Kršlja near Rakovica. Barać’s caves and hiking trails were photographed. Following all the activities that took place, the opening of hiking trails near Rakovica was reported by more than 20 announcements, including TV appearances in Dobro Jutro Hrvatska by HRT, and visits of national journalists and TV crews to Nova Kršlja near Rakovica. TV attachments and photos are below.







Title: Recommendation for Prilika Group

Text: “The public institution Barać’s Caves in 2020 hired the agency Prilika Group for a PR campaign to open hiking trails in the significant landscape of Barać’s Caves. The task was to inform the national media about the opening of the new content for visitors. In addition to the preparation of the material, the whole event was professionally photographed and on the same day, very high-quality promotional photos were used from the scene. Following all the activities that took place, this event was accompanied by more than 20 announcements. Among them were radio and TV appearances in leading media houses. The campaign was done above our expectations. The desired target groups were affected and a few weeks later other media contacted us offering very attractive offers for further promotion of not only hiking trails but also wider topics within our business. Agents were professional at all times, with advisory support and accompaniment during all performances.

This business cooperation was successful, complete and correct, and we are hereby free to recommend the Prilika Group Agency to all entities that need this type of service. ”

Tihana Oštrina, Director of Barać Caves