Promotion and preparation of the entrepreneurial conference “Women and Full Stop”

event organization, public relations, graphic design, social media

CLIENT: Croatian Chamber of Commerce Otočac County Chamber

YEAR: 2017, 2018, 2019

ABOUT THE PROJECT: When organizing the event, the client needed associates for maintenance and consulting for the entire event, especially for its promotion and communication with the media. It included writing texts, graphic design, and placing information in national newsrooms. In addition, the Agency carried out the creation and administration of the Facebook page and Facebook advertising when announcing the event. The project collaboration has been successful for three years in a row.








RECOMMENDATION (November 20, 2020)

Title: Letter of recommendation for the Prilika Group

Text: Successful cooperation between the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Otočac County Chamber and Prilika Group agency on the project of the International Conference on Women in Entrepreneurship “Women and Full Stop” has been going on continuously since 2017, when Prilika Group has engaged in a PR campaign, graphic design and social media services. In addition to consulting on the promotion of the entire event, the Agency was extremely successful in communicating with the media, which included the production of texts, graphic design and the placement of information in national newsrooms. The Agency professionally created and administered the Facebook page “Conference WOMEN AND FULL STOP” as well as Facebook advertising when announcing the event. While preparing the material, the whole event was professionally photographed and the same day used high-quality promotional photos from the scene. The Agency also provided media space on the Lika Club portal and in the travel magazine The Plitvice Times for the publication of promotional articles.

Through a series of professional advice, the Agency showed the necessary breadth of knowledge of its work, and following all the activities carried out, the conference WOMEN AND FULL STOP was accompanied by more than 80 announcements annually, including radio and TV appearances in leading media. The campaign was done above our expectations, the desired target groups were affected, and a few weeks after the event, the media and the public became interested in the topics we opened with this conference. Agents were professional, advisory support and accompaniment during all performances. Given the visible and measurable growth of the event itself, the cooperation continues.

We believe that this long-term business cooperation was successful, complete and correct, and we are hereby free to recommend the Prilika Group Agency to all entities that need this type of service. Joso Brajković, president of HGK – ŽK Otočac