Prilika Group’s project in the final of the regional digital competition SoMo Borac! XRPG stands next to the biggest on the market

11 Nov

Great news comes from Prilika Group, a company that has been operating in the Croatian and international markets since the beginning of 2015. The “XRPG Showroom” project was shortlisted for the well-known international digital competition SoMo Borac.

SoMo Borac started in 2013, to promote two poorly recognized parts of digital marketing: Social and Mobile, hence the name SoMo (Social-Mobile).

We wanted to highlight good regional examples of the use of these platforms and educate the market about them. We have maintained this goal until today, and as the entire industry changed, we expanded the categories and followed the developments.

Prilika Group entered this competition with a project for the first time this year. The new internal spin-off project XRPG, a brand dedicated to augmented reality, launched in the middle of this year, was chosen for the first application.

The opening of the XRPG Showroom on Zagreb’s Trešnjevka on September 1, 2023, and the digital activation of the brand are candidates in the SoMo Borac Digital product of the year category.

SoMo Borac explained the category with the following words: “Digital Product of the Year is a category in which we reward everything “around” media content, and often it is the interface in which that same content is packaged. This category will include media websites, newsletters, mobile applications, podcasts and similar products.”

Today, the organizers announced the finalists, and XRPG Showroom was in the top 5 along with Dance for the Stars, Večernji list redesign, Voyo streaming platform and

XRPG Showroom is an innovative project focused on virtual and augmented reality, whose primary goal is to support business users (B2B) in improving their business through the application of augmented reality technology. The purpose of this project is to strengthen Croatia’s presence on the technological scene and raise the Croatian XR industry to a higher level. The XRPG Showroom provides clients with the opportunity to test the latest devices available on the market, supported by an expert team that provides consultation and helps with project development. This is the only place in Croatia that provides a business XR tool for companies that want to explore the potential of XR technology and its impact on their business.

The professional team of SoMo Borac recognized the potential and value of the project, placing it in the top 5 next to the largest in the Croatian media industry. The grand finale of SoMo Borac will be held in Zagreb on November 17, 2023, when the winners will be announced.