Prilika Group in the top 5 agencies for social networks in Croatia according to The Manifesto!

28 Mar

Prilika Group, a marketing agency operating as a full-service company in the field of communications and marketing, ranked high in all categories in which it operates and is listed on the Clutch platform.

According to The Manifesto, in the category of Croatian agencies dealing with social networks, Prilika Grup is in the high fifth place in Croatia. If we take into account that the list includes the 30 most competitive agencies, many of which are far larger in business and number of people than Prilika Group, this result is worth mentioning.


We have already gained new international clients through this platform, and we will continue in the same direction. Our key goal is the market outside Croatia. We have been actively working on this for two years and we are noticing positive changes. So far, I can thank all my collaborators who have patiently worked with me on this result. I believe we will continue on this path. – says Ante Fumić, owner of Prilika Group.

Prilika Group is also a member of the Croatian Public Relations Association – HUOJ, and the Croatian Association of Digital Publishers – HUDI.

On this list of 30 Croatian companies, above Prilika Group, there are only Kontra, 24sata-original video production, Vizual and Kala Presence. Congratulations to all colleagues!