MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT – Vision of Croatia has started, a show that is filmed in Croatia and broadcast in America

29 Mar

Head of HGSS Brozičević in the American show: “I want to improve the position of rescuers as volunteers in the service”

The new show Vision of Croatia, which is filmed in Zagreb and broadcast in North America, hosted the head of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Josip Brozičević. On this occasion, Brozičević spoke about current topics, including the one on the highway last weekend.

Josip Brozičević has been at the head of HGSS since December 2022, when all 25 stations voted him to lead this important Croatian organization for the next 4 years. Brozičević was immediately greeted by several demanding actions of his teams throughout Croatia, the latest of which is currently the closure of roads and the rescue of drivers on the A1 highway last weekend.

In a new show broadcast on Croatian Radio New York, with host Barbara Grgić, he talked about his vision of HGSS in the new mandate, his first experiences in the service 19 years ago, the number of search dogs and their demanding training, the current situation on the A1 highway last weekends, but also about the rights of HGSS volunteers, which he intends to fight for in his mandate as head.

On the topic of the big rescue operation on the A1 highway last weekend, Brozičević says: “Perhaps a bit unusual intervention for HGSS, that we work and drive snowmobiles on the highway, but here the situation was simply like that.”, and adds, “We evacuated people who asked for it.” . There were elderly people, sick people, there were disabled people, there were also a lot of children in the traffic jam.

Fortunately, the members managed to coordinate everything and recorded another successful campaign.

About the rights of HGSS members

When asked about his vision of the mandate for the next four years, he points out that he wants to “ensure and improve the position of rescuers as volunteers in the service.” He believes that now is the time for all those people who sacrifice their entire lives, health, jobs and family, to receive certain benefits and privileges because they took on great obligations and responsibilities of rescue, all on a voluntary basis. Brozičević immediately points out that he is not referring to the financial or material form of benefits, but explains everything with an example.

“Our regular training lasts 30 days, for all these trainings we have to take annual vacations. One of the ideas that I intend to request in the amendments to the Law would be that we have paid leave for education, that it is much easier to respond to actions, that employers are regulated better, simpler and faster,” Brozičević concludes this very important topic.

“Dogs are our fellow rescuers”

One of the topics that presenter Grgić brought up was that of search dogs. Brozičević claims that they have a total of around 60 dogs, of which 42 are licensed search teams.

“We have 42 licensed search teams, and there are about twenty young dogs who are in the process of training. It is a special and long-term process. A dog can apply for a license only after two years, and within those two years you have to do training with it every day, and continue after applying for the license, because if this is not done, the dog “gets out” just like any routine, just like a human. It can be said that he is out of shape. It is a special process that is a great renunciation of search dog handlers.

He adds that 1 dog replaces about 30 people in the search, and concludes: “We trust them, they have a lot of inventions, we are grateful to them, and they are our fellow rescuers. ”

Host: Barbara Grgić

Creative and production of Vision of Croatia: Prilika Group

For: Croatian Radio New York

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