MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT First B2B showroom for augmented reality (XR) opened in Croatia

5 Sep

ZAGREB, September 5, 2023. – Prilika Group opened the first XR B2B showroom in Croatia with a special digital get-together in Zagreb’s Trešnjevka. The showroom presents technology of extended reality (eXtended reality, XR), which enables special immersive experiences and causes galloping interest in business circles. This is exactly why the open showroom addresses exclusively the business audience. More and more companies want to see their business in this digital sphere as soon as possible.

Since the possibilities of XR technology are quite different for each business branch, Prilika Group’s experts have specialized in giving business entities answers to the question about how to enter the world of XR and offering them the most up-to-date currently available tools for effective application that will improve their business. Given that this is perhaps the biggest technological trend in the world at the moment, the interest in B2B cooperation is really great, not only from Croatia, but also from foreign countries, primarily because the showroom offers a full package – from demonstration and introduction to technology, to “turnkey” solutions for every company.

Because of all this, Prilika Grupa’s first spin-off brand, called XRPG, was created, which is fully dedicated to augmented reality and all immersive technologies such as VR, AR, MR and 360 video.

After 9 years of successful work as a marketing agency and media, the field of advertising is expanding towards augmented reality. This step opens up new perspectives, space for action and market expansion. The idea of starting a spin-off XRPG primarily came from the need to give business entities in Croatia a more specific explanation of new, insufficiently known technologies to the general public, as well as the resources, knowledge, and equipment needed to deliver top-notch solutions and results.

The XR Showroom on Zagreb’s Trešnjevka is intended primarily for company owners and management, marketing departments and the IT development community in Croatia. According to experience so far, no business branch is excluded, and inquiries are very diverse. At the opening, Ante Fumić, owner of Prilika Group and Bruno Ćutić, editor of the Virtual Reality media, informed the attendees about the development plans of the XRPG sub-brand, the possibilities of the newly opened Showroom, as well as the company’s long-term goals.

“The launch of our new brand dedicated to augmented reality is a continuation of our forays into the virtual world over the past two years. By opening a showroom, we enable the business community to research, implement and offer its clients quality and the latest fashion in IT. The first week in the showroom is already fully booked, and considering the announcements, we expect this trend until the end of the year. We invite all B2B subjects who are thinking about XR in their business to contact us in order to arrange a demonstration,” explains the owner of the Prilika Group agency and initiator of the spin-off XRPG, Ante Fumić.

The XRPG Showroom is adapted to a demonstration for two people, with the latest technology, software and the latest devices that the world market offers today. XRPG enables the testing of various XR technologies such as VR, AR, MR and video production, and also works on a laboratory basis for testing various applications and devices.

Prilika Groups special emphasis:

Visiting the showroom is free. The prerequisite is that you have a company and the desire to implement this technology in your business. If that`s the case, you only need to book an appointment via our website and members of our team will guide you in the next steps.

What is – VR, AR, MR?

VR (virtual reality) is currently the loudest technological trend on the world market, and the best-selling VR headsets can also be tested in the showroom. Meta Quest 2 is a device that brought virtual reality closer to the public with its price and availability, and in the showroom, you can test various applications through it.

AR (augmented reality) is a customized reality that is accessed via headset devices or mobile phones. The showroom shows AR examples of software applications, but also creatively elaborates the user’s ideas in a business sense.

MR (mixed reality) is a mixed reality, which means that through the best headsets, you can simultaneously experience both the real and the virtual world. The showroom has a Meta Quest Pro device, which is one of the best developer devices in the world in the field of XR technology.

Video production for 360 technology, inside the showroom, enables a demonstration of recording 360 videos, as well as their simple processing. In doing so, we discuss uploading, creating various solutions, as well as how to display videos in business.