Marketing mix

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If you are interested in one of the packages offered, we will organize an informative 15-minute Zoom meeting (free of charge).



What exactly is included in the package?

The Marketing mix package includes; PR implementation for the client (public relations), the client’s Facebook page administration, publication of the specified number of author posts on Facebook pages, page monitoring 0-24, the client’s Instagram business profile administration, publication of the specified number of author posts on the Instagram profile, Facebook Ads (advertisements) creation and their implementation, as well as graphic design, photography and consulting on running a Facebook page.

How can I find out more information about the package I choose?

By sending the inquiry to, we make the first contact. Consequently, we then arrange an online meeting lasting 30 minutes, during which we can answer your questions.

Can a different package be arranged?

Yes, a specialized package can also be arranged, with a note that in that case the prices are calculated following the valid Prilika Group price list.

Is there a minimum and maximum cooperation duration?

Yes, for all packages a contract is signed for a minimum of three months of cooperation. We grant a discount for the cooperation of six months to two years.

What is the width of the public relations service in the package?

We have five types of public relations in Marketing mix packages; local, regional, national, international and specialized. Following the client’s topic and media quality, we suggest options for sending their information to the media.

Do all Marketing Mix packages include all types of public relations?

No. The standard package includes local and regional. Premium and ALL IN packages include local, regional and national. The ALL IN Pro package includes all types of public relations.

What does the number of posts on Facebook and Instagram mean?

This is the number of announcements (status, posts), including all announcements that the agency places on behalf of the client on their social network channels.

What does “Facebook Ads” mean in the Marketing mix package?

This refers to Facebook Ads services that also include Instagram ads. These are paid sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram and are created specifically for each topic.

Are there budgets for Facebook and Instagram in the “Facebook Ads*” service?

No. Budgets are additionally paid through the social networks Facebook and Instagram in agreement with the client.

Who calculates and how is calculated the hourly rate for graphic design, photography and consulting?

An independent online tool used by the agency’s employees calculates the hourly rate. At the start of work, the measurement is activated and carried out until completion. The client can see the exact time spent on each part of the services from the package.

How many graphic design hours are enough for what amount of work?

Before the work starts, the agency provides an advisory projection of the hourly rate that will be spent on a certain job of creating designs.

How much correction is involved in graphic design?

Within graphic design, one correction is included for each client`s design. Each subsequent correction is paid additionally at the cost of the time used.

Is logo creation included in the graphic design service?

Within the mentioned Marketing mix packages, the creation of the logo and the book of standards is not included. You can request an offer for the creation of a logo and a book of standards.

Can I get a field photographer for my office, services or products?

Yes. Up to 100 kilometers from the company’s headquarters, the photographer’s travel expenses are included in the package price. Over 100 kilometers from Zagreb, travel expenses are paid additionally.

How many photos do I get for an hour of photography service in the Marketing mix package?

Depending on the topic and the quality of the content, the number of submitted photos is agreed upon in advance with the client.

Who owns the photo copyright after submission?

After taking the photos, the agency waives the copyright on the photos that were made within the Marketing mix package. Therefore, the copyright belongs to the client.

Where can I get more detailed information about the package I’m interested in?

By clicking on “Request offer” under each package, or by contacting and mobile +385 91 518 0205.