Marketing and public relations services for the City of Gospić in 2020

public relations, marketing, consulting

CLIENT: City of Gospić

YEAR: 2020

ABOUT THE PROJECT: the client requested public relations, work on the brand and image of the City of Gospić, strategy development and other components from the Agency for the Procurement of Marketing Services in the public tender. The Agency applied for the tender, won, and since April 2020, systematic communication has been conducted, which manifested exceptional media-measurable results. The client received quality national visibility of his topics of interest, numerous guest appearances in the media (TV, radio, portals, press), improved parameters and contact with national media, and numerous topics from Gospić were placed at the national level. In addition, the Agency conducted systematic consulting on daily communication issues of the Client.




Topic – e-market – Croatian radio 1. program

Topic – City of Gospić donated to Zagreb – Jabuka TV

Topic – Actor in Gospić – News from HRT culture

Topic – Lika Night Run in Gospić – Regional News