Maintaining the official Facebook page of the City of Gospić

graphic design, social media

CLIENT: City of Gospić

YEARS: 2018, 2019, 2020

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The client showed interest in organizing direct communication with its citizens, and the Agency proposed the launch of the official Facebook page of the City of Gospić and its daily updating. The proposal was accepted, and after a test period that showed exceptional results, the cooperation continued. The Agency maintains the Facebook page of the City of Gospić, conducts consulting and advertising of the page, and creates graphic design according to the clients’ needs related to social networks. The Facebook page started at 0 and has reached almost 7000 followers in three years of cooperation. In addition, the Agency has designed the official hashtag #VolimGospic for the City of Gospić, which has been successfully promoted through publications. Furthermore, the Agency created and implemented the “Greetings from Gospić” campaign for the Client, where all citizens of the City of Gospić could remember old postcards and photos from the city. The campaign aroused great public interest and quality measurable results of clicks and reach.






Subject: recommendation to a business partner

Text: PRiLIKA LIKE j.d.o.o. Agency for Communications Services has been performing advertising for the City of Gospić through social networks in the last year and a half. The experience of the City of Gospić is extremely positive and in every sense, we are satisfied with the service provided. In performing the agreed tasks, the company met the expectations of the City of Gospić in motivation, speed, dedication, responsibility to the client. In addition to the above, the City of Gospić is extremely satisfied with the partnership, which is manifested through expertise, kindness, high motivation during the company’s working hours, but also outside working hours. In the field of PR, PRILIKA LIKE is our best partner who is always ready to listen to our needs and find the best solution for the promotion of the City of Gospić and its Institutions. The director of the company, Mr. Ante Fumić is innovative, kind, responsible and proactive in his work, and as a client, he instills great trust in us.

Deputy Mayor of Gospić Kristina Prša