Live broadcast of women’s entrepreneurship events on social networks Facebook and YouTube

event organization, public relations, graphic design, social media

CLIENT: Croatian Chamber of Commerce Otočac County Chamber

YEAR: 2020

ABOUT THE PROJECT: After three years of cooperation, which you can read about here, the client put a new challenge before us in 2020. In addition to the previous announcement of the social media segment, this year it was necessary to strengthen this link and organize live streaming of the entire event for a total duration of almost 4 hours. This included three panels, with more than 15 interlocutors, several of whom were on the video call in other cities. In addition to technical organization and performance, the Agency, as every year, had worked with public relations in a smaller intensity, and a special YouTube channel of the conference was launched.


LINK TO YOUTUBE: Konferencija Žene i točka YT


PRESS RELEASES (selection)



Title: Recommendation for Prilika Group

Text: The emergence and global spread of a coronavirus pandemic has posed major socio-economic challenges to the world. As a result, temporary bans and a reduction in economic activities were set to reduce social interaction among people, with the aim of slowing down the spread of the infection. The global health and economic crisis has disrupted economic activity in many industries. On the other hand, the pandemic has opened up other opportunities and alternative ways of doing business.

Since digital marketing enables two-way communication and activities without direct human interaction, we recognized it as an important opportunity to continue doing business, especially in a pandemic. We decided not to cancel the largest annual gathering of women entrepreneurs in December thanks to the successful long-term cooperation in the social media segment, with the only communication agency from Lika. Agency proved its serious approach to business in the pandemic when it used the “closing” time as an opportunity to restructure and complete its business as Prilika Group. We set a new challenge for our partner – livestream International Conference Women and Full Stop. In this way, we were able to spread information and messages from the event itself to a much larger target customer base. The challenge was demanding because it included standard management of public relations and administration of the campaign on social networks, but also the transmission of events lasting about 4 hours, where some participants were physically present, and some panelists who were in other cities and countries were connected by video link.

Through a series of professional advice and a gathered professional production team, the Agency showed the necessary breadth of knowledge of its work. Following all the activities carried out by the conference WOMEN AND FULL STOP, the Agency achieved significantly greater reach and lasting visibility, by making it possible to view the event again on the new YT channel Women and Full Stop Conference. Agents have always been professional and advisory support. We believe that this long-standing business cooperation has been successfully raised to an even higher level, complete and correct. We recommend the Opportunity Group Agency to all entities that need this type of service. > Joso Brajković, President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – ŽK Otočac