Lika media application Lika App presented in the Municipality of Rakovica

30 Nov

A lecture on media literacy was held in Rakovica, the focus of which was on the promotion of the Lika App.

The Lika Club team presented the importance and role of media literacy to those present in the Municipality of Rakovica, as well as details on the development of the first Lika media application.

The goal of holding these lectures on media literacy and Lika App promotion is to educate the public about the importance of critical thinking and information literacy in the modern media environment. The increasing presence of technology and digital media requires new skills and knowledge in order to be able to successfully navigate and filter the information that comes our way.

Media literacy enables individuals to critically evaluate and analyze information they receive from a variety of media sources. It is also important to understand how the media work, how different media are used and how to properly interpret and react to the data that comes through them.

Lika App, as the first Lika media application, is of great importance for the local population. It gives them easier access to news and information specific to their region. In addition, it provides a platform for dialogue and exchange of opinions, and gathers the local community in one place. Such initiatives promote the active participation of local residents in the media space.

Media literacy has become an important skill in today’s world, and presenting the Lika App as an example of good practice in this area is key to creating awareness of the importance of media literacy. These initiatives open the door for the future development of media literacy in Lika and provide residents with a tool for information and engagement in the media space.

Foto: Lika Club

The mayor of Rakovica municipality, Mihovil Bićanić, addressed the audience after the lecture, emphasizing the importance of the development of Lika App and the media scene in the local community.

This lecture is the second in a series of five planned lectures, and the Lika Club team is already preparing for the remaining three locations that will expand the reach of this initiative, enabling an even wider number of people to be educated about media literacy and the benefits of the Lika App.

Also visit the following locations:

November 28 – Otočac, HGK Otočac County Chamber at 3:00 p.m. (Ulica kralja Zvonimira 16)

November 28 – Kuterevo, Butina Farmhouse at 19:00 (Kuterevo 21a)

November 29 – Gospić, Development Center of Lika-Senj County at 18:00 (Pazariška ulica 36)