Lika App arrived on Velebit. The Lika media application was presented in the Butina rural household in Kuterevo

4 Dec

The fourth Lika Club lecture, focused on media literacy and the promotion of Lika App, was held last night in Kuterevo and thus Lika App arrived on Velebit.

This lecture explained the role of media literacy and its influence on the formation of public opinion, at the same time exploring the challenges of local media and the issue of the media image in Lika. One of the main topics of the lecture was Lika App, a new application developed by Lika Club. The advantages of using this application were presented, as well as innovative ways of advertising that did not exist in Lika-Senj County until now. Lika App provides users with a unique experience of following local news and events, allowing them to quickly access relevant information.
After the lecture, there was a discussion with the audience, and the question about the emotion that moves the readers of Lika Club was highlighted. The Lika Club team discovered that the main driver of their audience is Lički ponos! The lecturers emphasized that they changed their editorial policy and started producing more content related to the Lika region. This change met with a positive response from the audience, which is clearly seen from the results of the visits to the portal, which were also exclusively presented to the audience at the Butina Rural Household. The last lecture from this series will be held today at 18:00 at the Development Center of the Lika-Senj County in Gospić, more precisely at Pazariška Street 36. The organizers invite everyone interested to join and learn more about media literacy and the Lika App application that brings innovation to the local media market of Lika-Senj County.