Implementation of VR, AR and 360 technology in your business, quick and efficient entry into an atrractive immersive world

2 Apr

In the past two years, Prilika Group has been actively engaged in research and development in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Testing of devices and applications, purchase of devices and equipment, education and lectures on many possibilities, participation in panels on the topic of Web 3.0 etc.

If you want a quick and efficient entry into the attractive immersive world of VR and AR technology, contact us for an offer regarding the following services that can drastically improve your business;

  1. consulting on the implementation of technology – VR, AR, 360 cameras…
  2. education on the use of VR/AR headsets and 360 cameras
  3. purchase of hardware equipment for VR/AR and 360
  4. procurement of software applications for VR/AR
  5. creation of software applications for VR/AR and 360 immersive worlds
  6. recording of 360 video content, editing, narration
  7. annual maintenance of hardware devices and software equipment for VR/AR

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