Creating a Facebook store and campaign for Sirana Runolist during lockdown

social media, copywriting, photography, graphic design

CLIENT: Tomaić commerce d.o.o. – Sirana Runolist

YEAR: 2020.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Agency arranged the Facebook page for the client, organized and prepared products for the Facebook shop. The product sales campaign was created afterward during the lockdown due to the Corona crisis. The client wanted to place products, and organize online sales at the time of shops closure, which the Agency did. The results were excellent and hundreds of kilograms of cheese were sold through these tools during the closed system, the so-called lockdown. In addition, the Agency has devised a long-running “King of the Month” campaign that promotes one cheese with its specific properties every month. Throughout the cooperation, the Agency has designed and promoted Sirana`s hashtag #SLičkihPašnjaka, which communicates the authenticity and quality of Lika cheese.

LINK TO FACEBOOK: Sirana Runolist





Title: Recommendation for Prilika Group Text: “In 2020, Sirana Runolist cooperated with Prilika Group in the administration of the social network Facebook as well as professional photography and graphic design for business purposes. On that occasion, the Agency also provided media space on the Lika Club portal for the publication of promotional sales articles and advertising space in the tourist magazine The Plitvice Times.

During this cooperation, the Agency performed all required obligations extremely professionally. During the great crisis due to the appearance of the coronavirus, it creatively designed new sales channels and greatly contributed to the positive business of Sirana Runolist.

Besides that, through a series of professional advice, the Agency showed the necessary breadth of knowledge of its work and the advice we received was useful which increased sales.

Before long, our Facebook page became a very important sales channel and the Facebook shop they created successfully generated sales. For each job done, we received a monthly report which showed all the work done in one place and the growth was obvious.

We believe that our business cooperation was very successful and fair and we are hereby free to recommend the Prilika Group Agency to all entities that need this type of service. “

Director Igor Tomaić