Beginning of promotion of Lika Club media mobile application – Lika App

19 Nov

Lika App is a new and the only media application from Lika. It will reshape the media image of Lika-Senj County and it is ready for the public. While we wait for the first glimpses of the app, which will have updated content news from the Lika Club media, we bring you more information about the project.

As part of this ambitious technical project, the team members are preparing a series of five lectures on “Media literacy and promotion of the Lika App” in Zagreb, Kuterevo, Gospić, Otočac and Rakovica. In addition to the Croatian metropolis, the locations cover the area of Gacka, Lika, Krbava and Primorje and citizens of as many as three Croatian counties.

The aim of these lectures is to provide citizens with an insight into how to stay informed and critically analyze media news in the digital age. The educational component of citizens is extremely important, considering the need to strengthen media literacy in this area, and this project has exactly that purpose.

During the lecture, participants will also get an exclusive insight into the Lika App, with the opportunity to view features, options, design, categories and other information about the application. Also, new marketing possibilities of the Lika Club application and media will be presented.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk to members of the team that developed the Lika App, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the background and purpose of this app. Overall, this series of lectures will both provide a valuable overview and prepare users for the app launch, making them ready to take advantage of all that Lika App has to offer.

Lecture schedule:

November 25 – Zagreb, XRPG Showroom at 18:00

November 27 – Rakovica, Municipality of Rakovica at 18:00

November 28 – Otočac, HGK County Chamber Otočac at 15:00

November 28 – Kuterevo, Rural household Butina at 19:00

November 29 – Gospić, Development Center of Lika-Senj County at 18:00

Lika App will bring a fresh way of accessing information about Lika and shows an example of the possible technical development of local media in Croatia.

App downloads will be available during the class from Google Play and the Apple Store.