At the Lika App presentation in Gospić, special interest in new categories was expressed

4 Dec

Yesterday, the last lecture in the series on media literacy and Lika App promotion was held in Gospić.

Once again, the importance of media literacy was emphasized so that readers would be able to critically evaluate the information distributed by the media. Also, the audience was educated about different ways of recognizing fake news and manipulation of public opinion. Media literacy is essential for understanding complex media channels, as well as for developing critical thinking and analytical skills in individuals.

Looking at the features of the Lika App, it was emphasized that this application provides users with updated information from Lika in various areas of interest. A new advertising model was presented, and the attendees got an insight into the possibilities offered by this platform for the promotion of local services and products. Lika App is not only a media, but also a means by which local entrepreneurs can reach their target audience through innovative business moves in Lika and Lika media.