Ante Fumić at Institutu: Remote work is nothing new to us, we have been working like that for years

10 May

Ante Fumić, Prilika Group marketing agency owner, was a guest at the thirteenth Entrepreneurial Evening of the Cafe Gallery Institute.

Prilika Group has been operating in the communications and marketing market since 2015. In the last six months, the agency has achieved success and Clutch has rewarded it with excellent positioning on the charts of agencies in Croatia. Also, they have won second place among the best digital marketing companies in Croatia. A month ago, they joined the TOP 5 social media agencies in Croatia.

On the entrepreneurial night, Fumić recalled his entrepreneurial experience from the beginning of the business and touched on topics such as the process of opening a company, naming a company and the difference between j.d.o.o. and d.o.o. J.d.o.o, as he pointed out, is something that allows young entrepreneurs to enter the world of business very easily, but the big problem is that young companies are perceiving the market a bit unseriously.

“Regardless of your knowledge, there is a strange mentality in Croatia in which people don’t really appreciate knowledge – they look more at how old you are, who you sit with and situations like that, they don’t look at what you really offer them on the market. It takes some time for them to understand that, and then it’s easier later.”

He shared with the guests his experience of organizing and changing office locations. He also explained what “full service marketing” means in market terms. He sees the future in virtual reality.

“We definitely aim to develop new business segments, and that is virtual reality. The other thing is international business. We have started working with international clients and we already have several. This is in line with what we wanted in the beginning of the business – to have more clients who are “outside”, and yet that we can enjoy some of the beauties of our country. When you go out you see that not everything is so fabulous. Although there are bigger things, different and more beautiful, our quality of life, I would dare to say, is much better compared to many countries. And of course the development of the team, which is progressing little by little. A good part of them have been with me for a couple of years and they are doing a great job and they show that Prilika has a good future “, said Fumić.

Watch the whole conversation in the video!