ANNOUNCEMENT – We are looking for an investor for the attractive souvenir Plitvice Perfume

1 Sep

Plitvice perfume, an attractive product designed by Prilika Group creatives in 2018, has been on the market for 5 years. All of the most widely read national media in the Republic of Croatia published huge news about the perfume. It is sold on the markets of Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes at several sales locations, while the largest sales are achieved through online channels.

Plitvice perfume has all permits and certificates for sale, it is made from the industrial essence of fragrances that can be found in nature in the Plitvice region. It is produced based on the scent of orchid, moss, plum and lily of the valley, which are authentic for Plitvice, as well as other floral scents.

Prilika Group is looking for an investor for the Plitvice Perfume and for the development idea. Pre-seed and seed investments have already been carried out, as well as market testing. A Series A investor is currently being sought so that the product can be placed on the world market in a quality manner.

Contact for discussions and more detailed information about the product and investment is +385915180205 and e-mail

Zagreb, August 30, 2022.

PRILIKA GRP d.o.o. management