Announcement of the Christmas XR showroom: Advent in Otočac will host augmented reality

18 Dec

The XRPG Showroom, which has been conducting augmented reality technology demonstrations for all B2B entities on a weekly basis in Zagreb since September, is going to its Christmas location for the first time and for the first time it will also be demonstrated for B2C users, i.e. natural persons.

On December 29, 2023, at the location of the City Park in Otočac, in the advent stands, XRPG will enable all visitors to the Christmas event to try out augmented reality devices. Several XR headsets will be on display for viewing, and it will be possible to test two headsets and taste the VR and MR experience live.

The event is free for all visitors in Otočac. The XT event is organized in cooperation with the Tourist Board of the City of Otočac. The emphasis of this year’s Advent in Otočac is digital technologies, and you can follow all the information daily on the Facebook page.

Watch the announcement on ĐIR TV, at 3:30 there is an exclusive announcement of the guest appearance.